Dennis Swennen is ready for the auction

‘We aim for cosiness, quality and reality,' says Dennis Swennen about his auction European Sport Horse Auction which will be held on Thursday evening the 31st of January in Bocholt at 19.30 o’clock. The entry have stopped at fifty horses, for which a lot of interest has been shown in advance.’

Dennis tijdens videodag
Dennis Swennen at a video shoot day

I wouldn't mind having one of these horses in my stable to get to work with, I really think we can offer the best collection we've ever had," says Dennis Swennen. After the three-day auction in Schijndel in September, we apparently left a good impression and when we announced this auction in Bocholt, many breeders and owners called me to offer a horse. The conditions are also favourable, with € 750,- for the breeder and 10% for the buyer. The breeder has no further costs. In our small organization team with my girlfriend Elke and my brother Jurgen we really like the old-fashioned, real approach, no nonsense-way. But that investment of money is also more than real if you look at what it all costs to set it up.

The horses are being trained by Dennis Swennen, Kees van den Oetelaar in Schijndel and breeders at home: 'We train them ourselves, and when they are with the breeders, I often visit them to help. We now know all fifty horses, we have seen them jump very often, we know what capacities they have. We have Belgian and Dutch owners and horses of all studbooks'.

Remarkably compared to other editions, quite a number of people have already registered in connection with telephone bidding: 'People from Slovenia, Switzerland, America, France, Germany, actually from everywhere, people who have registered and paid a deposit for bidding by telephone. A few hesitated at first but decided a few days later to pay the deposit. That says something about the quality of the horses and it is also a nice boost for the breeders.

After the auction in September Dennis did a few things a bit differently: 'We will not pay commission to commissionaires anymore if this has not been agreed in advance. And we do more about the promotion ourselves. The videos, for example, were good, but they are much better now. You can't expect the selection of the best images from a layman. Plus: you don't have to pay for your own time, that saves you money'.

The presentation of the horses on Thursday the 31st of January in De Damburg starts at 14.00 hours with freejumping and jumping under saddle. The ridden horses can be tried after that. The auction under the leadership of Koen Olaerts starts at 19.30 o'clock, after that the music for the party is already arranged. There are still some VIP tables available, to be booked via or phone 0032 496 651389. Entrance is free, for the auction and the jumping that starts on Friday. Then competitions for young horses are held, Saturday evening the Masters is planned and Sunday the Grand Prix 1m40.


ESHA - Elke en Jurgen
Elke and Jurgen together with Dennis form the organisation of the auction in Bocholt.