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ESHA publishes every year multiple horse sales auctions for show jumpers, dressage horses, yearlings, foals, embryos, broodmares, ponies, recreational horses, All Stars and accessories.

ESHA gives everybody the chance to buy directly from the owners in a no-nonsense way at realistic prices from the extensive collections. 

ESHA wants to give breeders the opportunity to promote their horses in a professional manner and to offer them to national and international customers in order to increase the sales market in a fair, healthy and transparent way.

The online bidding becomes active for registered and logged in users. There are 2 types of auctions:
• 1) ONLINE AUCTIONS: From the opening day, the bidding is open continuously and for several days. The timer shows how much time is left and gives +5 minutes if there is another bid in the last minutes.
• 2) LIVE AUCTIONS: During auctions at various live locations, the live bidding on the spot and bidding along online is only open for a few minutes per lot, as long as it is shown in the arena on the auction evening.

All bids are binding, including 2nd and 3rd bidders. Always check all conditions, vet reports and any comments in advance. (info and conditions)

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7-11/12/2022: ESHA Last Chance Cocktail - Online Auction

135 horses ends on Dec 11, 2022, 8:00 PM Conditions

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7-11/12/2022: ESHA Last Chance Cocktail - Online Auction

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