Inscrivez chevaux

The selection is open to young talented horses/foals/lots according to the type of auction.

You can register for the selection via the formular below.Please fill in digitally (typing, preferably not by hand writing) and send by e-mail to
For clear processing, submit via e-mail and/or WeTransfer with horse name as subject, preferably no private messages or no Whatsapp.

1) If you don't have a personal online account yet -> account+login can be registered here:

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In the exeptional case of separate forwarding messages:
Use the name / pedigree / lot number of the horse as subject in e-mails, please.
+ preferably all in 1 time in 1 email per horse for smooth processing.

1) large (video) files via f.ex. to;
2) Pass on the following information via the registration form or send it afterwards by e-mail to

- Height
- VAT% to be applied on sale
- Information for the description text
- Horsetelex link
- Province/region/country where the horse is stabled for the pick-up
- Graded stallions: indicate Registered, Licensed or Approved and Studbook(s)
- Photos (head, profile, left, right, front, rear, leg position...) and video.
  Preferably image material without own texts or additions.
- Passport: scan or photo of cover, identification page, pedigree page

All examinations preferably in English.
- Sport horses and ponies ≥ 137cm: X-ray complete set photos (max. 12 months old) + X-ray report (max. 12 months old) + clinical examination report (max. 45 days old).
- Ponies ≥ 109cm: Clinical examination report (max. 45 days old).
- Pregnant mares: Certificate of pregnancy by veterinarian + stud certificate at the latest at the time of delivery.
- Broodmares: Declaration of fertility by veterinarian (max. 100 days old).
- Foals: Clinical examination report (max. 45 days old).

An example for clinical and radiological report is here.

If the examinations are not available correct and complete at the start of the auction, the lot can have to go offline as no guarantee can be given due to incomplete documentation about the health status.

In the category All Stars are a.o. horses with available inspections with possible clearly stated comments about inspection, stable defects, behavior, rideability...


More info and downloads:

By participating in the auction you accept the following conditions: