The first ESHA foal auction in Norway

vendredi 23 juillet 2021

For the first ESHA foal auction in Norway, the pioneers of the ESHA team have teamed up with the organizers of Sandefjord Open, Olympic rider Stein Endresen and world-renowned horse scout Kees van den Oetelaar.

A unique collaboration of horse people, who have knowledge and a big heart for our beloved sport and on top of that the know-how to select top foals, of which one dares to say that there is a certain chance that we will see them again later in the big sport.

This selection contains talented foals, in which we mainly looked at model, attitude and form of movement. Moreover, it is not an easy choice to opt for quality and not just look for purely commercial bloodlines.

You can also see that the selection was made by a horseman who can see through the rough hair. Kees personally insisted that the foals would be presented as they were on the photo and video day. No foals that look like bodybuilders because they were given kilos of power feed and had to stay indoors for weeks because they were clipped. No, he chose to go back to what really matters: quality and love for the horse.

That is why we are very proud that we can offer a special selection to our loyal customers.

And we look forward to the future of these beautiful foals in the hope that they will have the opportunity to develop to their full potential with their new owners.

The auction and live bidding along start Saturday evening 24/07/2021 at 20h00 at: