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General terms and conditions:

  • Please read and understand the conditions prior to bidding in the auction:
  • General terms and conditions horses:
  • General terms and conditions foals, embryos and semen:

Info and conditions sellers:

  • Please read and understand the conditions prior to the registration of your horse:
  • Seller info and conditions horses:
  • Seller info and conditions foals, embryos and semen:


The inspection reports and X-rays will be published online per horse if they are available. If they are not available for publication, no guarantees can be derived from them. The fact that inspections and reports are being asked does not mean that they are always available (on time) or cannot contain any comments.
Please always view the reports and any possible comments before bidding in the auction.

Auction order:

- The order in the printed catalogue is not the live auction order. This will be published shortly before the auction or adjusted in the online catalogue. The auctioneer announces the catalog number when the horses enter the arena.
- During a 100% online auction, it is indicated how much time is left to bid per horse. If a bid is received in the last minutes, some minutes are automatically added to the time.

! Don't wait until the last seconds of the timer to place a bid, there may be a delay on the connection!

Remote bidding:

Online bidders: You can register in the online bidding system via "Register".
Online bidding should always be done with the following steps: logging in, agreeing to the terms and conditions and confirmation of the bid.
All bids are binding as placed at the time of the bid, including 2nd and 3rd bidders!​

Telephone bidders: Mention the horses/numbers you want to bid on, so we can contact you when they enter the arena. We ask for a deposit that is fully refunded or settled after the auction.
Contact us at least 3 days before the auction regarding the deposit contract and its payment.


During auctions on locations access to the public is free every day to the standing places and afterparty.

VIP tables have to be reserved in advance via the website or email.
This is already possible from € 150 per table of 4-6 people.
Look at "Reserve your VIP table" for more info.

(only during auctions on locations - subject to good connection during live auctions!)

Sales documents:

Auction Locations:

  • De Molenheide, De Heikampen 7, NL-5482 ZR SCHIJNDEL, The Netherlands
  • Stal ter Leydonck, Verleydonckstraat 15, BE-9080 LOCHRISTI, Belgium
  • De Damburg, Eikenlaan 1, BE-3950 BOCHOLT, Belgium
  • Rijhal Kraaienhorst/Cobepa, Kraaienhorst 18, BE-2960 BRECHT, Belgium


Hotels close to Bocholt:


Hotels close to Schijndel:

Upcoming auctions:

  • From May 2020: Every 10-15 days auction.

Ended auctions:

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